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If your site doesn’t have a Stories feature, is it even really a site? No, it’s not.

First came Disqus with Comments as a Service, then came Intercom with Live Chat as a Service, now there’s Stories as a Service! We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. Simply add 1 line of JavaScript to your site, and your users will be able to create and share their own stories.

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Introducing +1TM

We know what you’re thinking. You’ve seen stories everywhere recently. Facebook, Snapchat…FacebookInstagram, and you’re thinking, how could this be any better?

Well, after extensive testing using lean methodologies, we’ve come up with an innovation that we believe is going to revolutionise the industry. We’re calling it +1TM.

+1TM is the first ever 25 hour story. You’ve never seen anything like this before.

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We love stickers. We love them a lot. So much so, that we thought, why do stickers have to be virtual, why can’t I put one on my actual face? Introducing, FaceStickersTM.

Using a 16 million colour print, on 100gsm paper with a glossy finish, FaceStickersTM have an incredible 600 dpi, you just can’t see the pixels. But a sticker is nothing if it doesn’t stick, so we’ve spent the last 3 years developing a brand new, patent pending, permanent adhesive. Once you stick them, you’re stuck.

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We’ve all been there. Dave’s on a weekend away in Barcelona, Jo is half way up Kilimanjaro and you’re at home in your onesie eating yesterday’s pizza.

We can’t always live life in the fast lane, so for those times, Stories as a Service has you covered. Introducing Photoshop1TM (unfortunately, Photoshop was already taken).

Simply pick a place, and Stories as a Service will make it look like you’re there. Using state of the art technology, powered by a blockchain based machine learning algorithm, it’ll look so real, no one will be able to tell by the pixels.

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